Which features does Scheduled support?

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Scheduled can do a lot! Here are the features it supports:

  • Compose message – Write the message you’d like to send somewhere in the future

  • Plan message (date/time) – Schedule your message to be send at a specific time and date

  • Get reminded to send your message – You’ll receive notifications for the messages you’ve Scheduled, reminding you to send them

  • Auto Send – Schedule messages and have them be send on a time and date of your choosing, automatically. (Note: SMS Only!)

  • Choose your messenger – Send your message via your favorite messenger. Scheduled supports the following messengers: Whatsapp, (Facebook) Messenger, Telegram or iMessage

  • Send messages to multiple recipients or groups – You can send messages to multiple recipients or to a group – at once

  • Create groups - Create different groups with multiple recipients to send messages to

  • Snooze messages – Postpone sending a message for as long as you want (iOS only)

  • Duplicate messages – Duplicate messages to reuse them or send the same messages to multiple people

  • Import contact birthdays – Import the birthdays of your contacts so Scheduled can remind you to send them a birthday message 

  • Import calendar - Import your calendar and choose the events you'd like to schedule a message for.

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