Scheduled Premium

What is Scheduled Premium?

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Scheduled Premium provides you with a set of extra features which make Scheduled even more fun. When you upgrade to Premium, you’ll get the following awesome features:

  • Send your texts messages automatically through iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram and Email

  • Send your SMS messages automatically through our SMS service

  • You get 30 credits when you sign up, and after that 30 free credits per month. The credits are used for SMS messaging

  • Queue up unlimited prewritten automation messages messages

  • Queue up unlimited prewritten reminder messages, instead of the 3 you get in the Free version

  • Import the birthdays of your contacts

  • Get your own archive with all your previously sent messages

The Scheduled Premium plan costs just $4.99 per month. These are US prices, non-US prices may differ. Find your country specific pricing in your AppStore or in Google Play.

Upgrade to Scheduled Premium

To upgrade to Scheduled Premium, just tap the “Settings” (gear) icon in the Scheduled app and go to “Subscriptions”. Once there, choose Scheduled Premium.

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