Costs of credits

How much does a credit cost?

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Because we want to start things off on the right foot, when you subscribe to the Premium plan, you’ll get 10 credits and 5 credits per month after that.

If you choose the Scheduled for Business plan you’ll get 300 credits when you sign up, and after that you get 300 credits per month.

If you need more credits, you can always buy more via the app:

  • 10 Credits $2.99

  • 50 Credits $8.99

  • 100 Credits $15.99

  • 150 Credits $18.99

How many credits does one Auto Send message cost?
One Auto Send message costs 1 credit. We only charge a credit when the message is actually sent. If the message wasn't sent, for whatever reason, we won't charge the credit.

Why do I need credits?
Read more about why you need credits here.

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