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Which messengers do you support?
Which messengers do you support?

Find out which messengers you can choose from

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We support the following messengers:

  • iMessage

  • Whatsapp

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Telegram

  • Twitter

  • Line

  • Slack

  • Phone

  • ... and more

When you write your message and schedule it, the app will send you a notification at the day and time of your choosing. Tap the notification and choose the messenger you'd like to use to send the message through. Done!ย 

Important: when you're using our Auto Send feature, your message will always be sent as a text message. This is because the other messenger systems we've mentioned above don't allow us to automatically send a message. We're as beaten up about it as you are. But still, a text message works as well. :)

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