My SMS message didn't sent
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That’s unfortunate 🙁
There's a couple of reasons this could have happened, please check these:

  1. Provider issues: The messages are processed by an Application Provider that sends the messages to the recipients Telecom provider. Sometimes there is a bug or hick up between those two providers. It happens in the best relationships :). This can be solved by restarting the recipients device.

  2. Disconnected phone of the recipient: The telephone of the recipient was turned off or out of network coverage when the message was sent.

  3. Incorrect numbers: Check, check, double check! Are you 100% sure that the phone number you tried to send to, is correct? This way you won’t waste credits on messages sent to non-existent phone numbers.

  4. Country codes: Format all your numbers internationally. Our app actually tries to do this for you, but sometimes it doesn't work. If this is the case: you'll need to add the country prefix. Add the country prefix, then take off the + and the first 0 from the number and you should be ready to send. 

  5. No messages to network providers: We can’t send messages to network provider numbers, like “1233”.

Are you sure none of these things occurred? Then please send us your number and the number of the recipient, we'll try and figure out what happened.

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